TWO (Tapanui West Otago) Promotions have been involved in various projects in Tapanui and the surrounding area since the group was formed in 2003. These projects include (in no particular order):

Completed Projects Current Projects
 1. Green Area (Station Road - planting and maintenance)
 1. Business Directory
 2. Bulbous Kerbs (Main Street - planting and maintenance)
 2. Blue Mountain Walk (maintenance)
 3. Sawmill Feature Garden - assisted Community Board with planting
 3. Blue Mountain Bike Track (maintenance)
 4. `Tapanui’ Signs - planting and maintenance
 4. Ideas to enhance Blank Wall at Theatre
 5. Heriot War Memorial - planted clay bank  5. Maintenance of gardens at: Main Street, Community Centre and Car Park, Green Area, Tapanui Edge of the Forest signs and Kent Street
 6. Developed West Otago Website
 6. Community Website maintenance
 7. Removed Sycamores at Tapanui Cemetery  7. Organise Christmas Parade
 8. Transport for the Elderly
 8. New road signage to direct motorists through Tapanui
 9. Tapanui West Otago Brochure
 9. Heriot  - Edievale Bike Track
10. Annual Christmas Parade
10. Millennium Track - Whisky Gully
11. Held stalls at A & P Shows
11. Over 80’s Lunch
12. Designed Tapanui Information Kiosk Panel
12. Clear bulbous kerbs in main street and replant
13. Instigated & designed the Kelso Historic Panels
13. Calendar for 2017 (Pete’s Dragon)
14. Produced Walk/Bike/Drive Brochure for West Otago
15. Designed & raised funds for Mural at Seasons
16. Moonrock feature and Dr Snow memorial
17. Over 80’s annual lunch
18. Postcards
19. Calendars (2009, 2012, 2014)
20. Blue Mountain Walk
21. Purchased two mountain bikes for hiring
(available for hire at Whitechapel Gifts)
22. Seating around beech tree (at Seasons)
23. Envelope Stickers
24. 300 donated beech trees planted
25. Development of neglected area Kent Street
26. Donated funds to West Otago Health Facility
27. Community Family Day (with WO Combined Churches)
28. T- Shirts
29. Initiated 2013 Cavalcade

30. Supported Dusky Dust Buster MTB event

31. Organised children’s holiday art class

32. Relocated Kelso Church bell

33. Welcome afternoon tea for Tapanui newcomers

34. Funded English language text books

35. Financial support of Black Gully Domain 150th celebrations

36. Promotional Pens

37. Main Street Banners

38. Recording of Oral History

39. Welcome baskets for "Pete's Dragon" Film Crew

40. Scarecrow Competition